Jaco S. Venter

ZAR 3,910.00

Edition of 10
Hand-signed and Numbered
Size A2 (420 x 594mm)
Jaco's Frame Suggestion: Matt Black Aluminium

Jaco 'Snakehead' Venter is the drummer for the Afrikaans band Fokofpolisiekar. As if that's not talented enough, he's also a fine photographer, as you can see with my selection of Black & White happy snaps from his everyday life as a rockstar.

Jaco says: "Between 2006 and 2017 a lot has changed in the music industry, especially with the rise of social media and the instant and fleeting nature of music releases these days.

Thats why when Fokofpolisiekar brought out our first full length album in 11 years, back in 2017, we decided to do a traditional press run like we would have done in 2006. It was three days of mostly driving around in the greater Johannesburg area and talking to journalists and publications about what it was like recording music again - nights were spent drinking until dawn because we didn’t have to worry about getting on a stage. It was a lot of fun but also quite taxing. This frame captures some of that ‘Day 3 Road-Weariness’ in a lift at the Independent Media building in downtown Johannesburg."

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