Jaco S. Venter

ZAR 2,990.00

"I fought the Lord"
Edition of 15 
Hand-signed and Numbered
Size A3 (297 x 420mm)
Jaco's Frame Suggestion: Matt Black Aluminium

Jaco 'Snakehead' Venter is the drummer for the Afrikaans band Fokofpolisiekar. As if that's not talented enough, he's also a fine photographer, as you can see with my selection of Black & White happy snaps from his everyday life as a rockstar.

Jaco says: "Whilst on tour with Fokofpolisiekar and boarding a plane to Bloemfontein I saw a Buddhist monk (in full kasaya) helping 2 old nuns with their luggage. I scrambled to get my camera and take a photo of this beautiful sight but I was just too late to get a good frame. When we reached cruising altitude I realised these ladies were seated right behind our vocalist, Francois. I decided to grab this shot of 3 people on the same journey but with very different backgrounds and ideas about their destination."
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