Ella Cronjé

ZAR 6,440.00

"A boy from school"
Medium: Ceramic Sculpture
Size: 20cm x 46cm

My artwork: “A boy at school”, explores the experience of nostalgia with an added cautionary note.
We have decades of cognitive research that show that the general default is that memories are not
accurate, and that is true for all kinds of memories. The desire to escape from the present into an
unreachable, imaginary, and idealized past often leads us to forget the mistakes that were made. I believe
that the very reasons for the circumstances we find ourselves in today, are directly the result thereof.
Our past is flawed. Without acknowledging the many cultural and collective traumas of that past and the
disrespectful way we treated our planet, we will not be able to choose wisely what necessary changes
need to be made towards a more inclusive and/or better future.