Not For The fainthearted.

We are thrilled to present the first NFT project by Bitterkomix superstars Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes. Known for "present(ing) a dark and biting critique of the conservative, Afrikaner cultural mainstream", their unique satire now enters the metasphere by ways of a sketchbook - enticing collectors one page at a time to collect - and eventually fill - their 100-page NFT-sketchbook. Most of these pages are never before seen imagery, personal sketches, writings, opinions and in many cases they are also digitally enhanced.

The NFT Sketchbook project is designed in such a way that you get rewarded the more pages you add to your book. Imagine enjoying a drink with Botes, or having a portrait of you sketched by Kannemeyer. Expect to see some serious bidding wars due to the fact that these sketches will only ever be available as NFT's, and there are only three editions of the sketchbook available to the market.

Available to bid on at MOMINT'S debut auction: The First page of both AK's and CB's Sketchbook Album One.

Anton Kannemeyer

Sketchbook Album ONE page 1 features a "Drawing made after Uderzo (illustrator of Asterix)'s death in March 2020. In the 70s in South Africa there were only two comic titles available for children in the public libraries: Tintin and Asterix. I liked the early Coscinny (writer) Asterix, but Tintin was always my favourite."

Conrad Botes

Sketchbook Album ONE page 1 features a heavily tattooed comic character sitting alongside a friend. The sketch is titled 'Two Friends'.

The Sketchbook Project

Through your visual storytelling, collectors will accompany Kannemeyer & Botes on an illustrative and satirically inspired journey. One where they can end up owning their own NFT sketchbook.

Project ONE will consist of a 100 page sketchbook titled "Anton Kannemeyer Sketchbook Album One" and Conrad Botes Sketchbook Album One".

The first page of the first sketchbooks will be offered to the market for the first time on November 11th 2021, at  MOMINT's live & virtual Auction.

Each sketchbook consist of an edition of 5 of which only 3 will be available to the market.
Each page is sold and offered separately and eager collectors can opt to collect more pages at a time in order to fill their 100 page sketchbook.

Milestone Freebies
have been integrated to reward collectors depending on the amount of pages they own. 
  • 5 x NFTs = 1 x Bitterkomix cap or t-shirt
  • 10 x NFTs = 1 x free NFT
  • 15 x NFTs = Original sketch by the artist
  • 20 x NFTs = 20-30 minute virtual drinking session/kakpraat/q&a with the artist via ZOOM
  • 30 x NFTs = Print (silkscreen, lithograph or etching) from the artist
  • 40 x NFTs = 3 x signed and illustrated copies of Bitterkomix by both Bitterkomix artists
  • 50 x NFTs = 1 x Unique erotic NFT
  • 60 x NFTs = 3 free NFTs
  • 80 x NFTs = Lunch with both Anton and Conrad
  • 90 x NFTs = Original drawing of the collector by both Anton and Conrad
  • 100 x NFTs = Incorporating 100 pages into "Sketchbook Album 1" with unique cover and back cover.

High Res Images will be Minted as ‘.glb’ files which will allow the collector to treat the book as a 3D object, digitally. They can zoom in drastically, look at the back, side front, paper tears and pen indentations.