"A world of one-size-fits-all decor and mindless imagery is a probable cause of our modern-day boredom & anxieties. Art is not mere decoration. It is an opinion & discussion, it is thought and feeling." 

Jeanne Hugo
Chief Curator at Hugo Modern  and Creative Director at Cur8.art

Services offered

The Hugo Modern Online offers a modern approach to Art Collecting. We assist in curating your home or office wall space by guiding you towards an even more enlightened perspective on art. 

Let me help you to:
  • Find the right art for you
  • Style a striking Art Wall
  • Consider placement, layout & lighting
  • Design your art collection
  • Frame, Ship & Install
  • Smartly Invest in the right artists


Meet your Gallerist

The moment you meet Jeanne you’re welcomed with a certain warmth and kindness. A gentle yet fiery spirit with a passionate approach to business and the arts. After attaining her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Jeanne launched herself into the world of Interior Design. She revels in assisting people in finding deeper meaning in the visual creations of others. Her journey lead her to eventually travelling the world extensively with her art-loving-husband by her side. Together they became a top International art dealing couple for a prominent commercial gallery. This 8 year sojourn allowed Jeanne to gather insights from countless Museums, Galleries, Art institutions and Art Fairs globally. 

She notes that Art Basel in Switzerland 2016 expanded her understanding of the importance of art and its connection to our humanness on a macro level. However, staring at Gustav Klimt’s 'Adele Bloch Bauer' at the Neue Gallery in New York left her entirely enlightened for hours. Other art hopping highlights include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Isabella Stewart Gardner and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; a painting by Picasso called 'Absinthe Drinker' in the Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia left her feeling sad whereas 'Primavera' by Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence produced tears of joy; the National Gallery in London; the Seattle Art Museum and it’s star studded Art Fair; the De Young Museum in San Francisco, the National Museum of Stockholm, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, Art Stage Singapore and even a little hole-in-the-wall gallery of an unknown artist in Tahiti all left their marks.

An avid artist herself, she says she feels there is a disconnect between the average suburban homeowner and what hangs on their walls. 

"A world of one-size-fits-all decor and mindless imagery is a probable cause of our modern-day boredom. Art is not mere decoration. It is opinion, it is thought and feeling and it should be a part of your unique journey. Your home tells your story."

This is why she feels compelled to help people build an art collection. However big or small. There are no rules, and if there were, she says break them. “Mix it up! My own art collection includes a framed travel postcard from Helsinki, Anton Kannemyer and Olaf Hajek prints, my first dog’s ashes in a beautiful hand-painted urn and original Matthew Hindley paintings." 

"Art is a human investment – and indulgence. We are sentient beings with an obligation to ourselves to stay present in moments of authentic delight. Art offers us that. It forces us to pause, to question our visual perceptions and to check in with ourselves.”

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