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H u g o  M o d e r n .
here to help you curate your wall space

Enjoy an enthusiastic and modern approach to art collecting. The Hugo Modern helps you find, fall in love with - and appreciate your unique art collection, however big or small.

Meet your friend in art.)

My name is Jeanne. I see a blank wall, I cringe. Your art collection can be a significant and sublime addition to your journey. I believe the universal language of good art has the power to heal, unite & invigorate us. 

Let me show you how. 

Hugo Modern is currently guest curating the beautiful GalleryONE11 floor space in Cape Town. 

We're always on the lookout for engaging art talent to connect to equally promising projects that need art. Submit a short CV & Catalogue of your work to be invited to participate when we find the right opportunity.

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111 Loop Street, Cape Town

South Africa